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There are now fantastically inexpensive flights from England and Germany to Vienna, landing at Bratislava airport just over the border with Slovakia.

What is more there is now a most convenient hourly Eurolines bus service from Bratislava airport direct to Vienna South Railway station (Sud Bahnhof) This is quite literally within walking distance from Salesianergasse, across the beautiful Belvedere Palace gardens - or at least only a short taxi drive for those who have brought their entire ball wardrobe in myriad trunks, a short walk down the hill to the apartment.

Now the border is open this coach ride from Bratislava airport to Vienna station does not take much longer than the journey from Vienna and costs only 9 euros.

A taxi may be engaged at Bratislava airport and costs in the region of 100 euros.

Brush up your Slovakian for both undertakings noboody speaks German even at the coach ticket office in Vienna but never mind, gestures are fine and so is Russian if you happen to have it.

If you don’t, Slovakian is the back door to Czech which leads to Russian and that leads to Pushkin so it will be worth it in the end.

It is possible to reach Bratislava town centre by train also from the Sud Bahnhof (Ost bahn) platfoms 1-9, and then engage a taxi to the airport This takes you through some beautiful Austrian countryside and enables you if you do not have much luggage to visit the town of Bratislava the old centre of which is charming. A nice departure day excursion. Caveat: it is not necessarily advisable to deposit your goods and chattels at the left luggage at Bratislava station, there have been a few horror stories.

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